Rita TeugelsCURRICULUM VITAE (°1958)

Art schools:

Academy of arts Anderlecht :- 15 years of lithography with Jos Bolle, of which 2 years as his assistant - drawing and water-colour with Mark Gijssels and Raoul Bulthé - painting with Guy Leclerq and Mark Gijssels.
Portaelschool Vilvoorde: 7 years of painting with Walter Goossens – drawing with Paul Van Namen.
At the moment I go to Sint-Lucas Academy Brussels (Luc De Roeck).


Solo exhibitions and group exhibitions at 10 cultural centres in Brussels and the province of Brabant. At the Brussels Galleries: Enchancrure, Arabesque, Zinzen and in 2009 at the Cobalt International Gallery. At the Astoria Hotel, Brussels. A two times participation in the ‘Artotheek project’, Vilvoorde.


  • 2004 and 2005: design for the Firm MAMPAEY, especially with the presentation of the INFINI champagne.
  • 2010-2011: several thematic workshops “ magic collages” at TC Nekkersdal, Laken.


Much variety. The painting manner is most of the time loose and direct. Switching from powerful to playful, from figurative to abstract. In recent years my work has often become very much symbolic. Photos (digital and pin-hole) taken by myself and others are a great help and inspiration. I paint them with oil paint or process them into collages.